Who doesn’t like Tracy Byrd’s 1994 hit song, #4 on the Billboards Chart, “Watermelon Crawl”?  Love everything about that melon fest tribute. To say nothing about wanting to make some watermelon wine that makes you want to do that funky little crawl. . . and now, Miletta Vista customers have a watermelon wine, from Saint Libory’s sweetest melons of the vine.

Like any wine there’s a trick to a great bouquet, (still working on this aspect), “flavor”-got that one, and a pleasant lingering finish (nailed that too).

 Gave our label artist the privilege of naming this one, “Endless Summer.”

My 2nd attempt at watermelon wine and it really isn’t a sweet red wine. It’s a sweet white. 

After carving 4,200 pounds of melons from melons of  various sizes and colors in my first vintage attempt. Tasting the different varieties of melon meat, then blending all the meat together in one pressing.  Sweetening, fermenting and filtering, and still, quite honestly, my palate detected more flavors than that delectable sweet wine from the vine. 

Yep, that first attempt went bye-bye. Lessons learned.  The end result was never bottled, much to the chagrin of our carving volunteers that donated an hour of rind slicing and melon nibbling.  Gratification delayed . . . dang.

The second attempt, I was somewhat more deliberate in the melon selection of 4,400 pounds and somewhat picky on the varietals accepted.   No volunteer carvers, just in case the wine guttered again.  This time, we paid significant attention to melon color, size and seed count.  Yep, all that seems to make a difference.

Filter, sweeten, blend and you have another bottle of goodness, that reminds you of your, “Endless Summer fun”!

A limited supply of this bottled goodness is available at the winery.  Tastings are free.  Fun is totally optional and up to individual personalities or lack thereof. 

Hopefully, sales go well.  If so, we’ll rind another 4,400 pounds in pursuit of the perfect the bouquet and a sweet rose’.  Who knows, perhaps we’ll even get a visit from Tracy Bird!

Who would be in favor of an August watermelon Festival on Mount Miletta?  Speak up and perhaps, just perhaps you can do the Watermelon Crawl that day! Drop us a note @ mail@milettavistawinery.com or make a FB post.