Last evening, I was able to virtually uncork some Bourbon Barrel Petite Pearl and some Workhorse wine with the SERPA-ACO medical group.  This little GoToMeeting presentation just about exhausted my total knowledge of wine(s) [tongue in-cheek]. 

This was a rather fun way to breakup some medical in-service chatter and impart the one or two wee little things I know about our Miletta Vista Wines.  Thank You Jolene and Barry for some questions to pull me out of my shell.

I all too-often take for granted the amount of what we’ve learned about wine.  The knowledge gained over the past 20 years has been exhaustive and we are still learning.  I’ve been working in the Nebraska wine industry.  Twenty (20) years ago, Loretta and I began this journey and while we’ll never know it all, we have gained a much deeper understanding of wines, grapes, and glassware.

For instance, who knew there were roughly 150 different shapes of wine glasses and that each one specifically enhances or rather highlights a specific variety of the grape polyphenols (flavor)!  No red solo cup will due when drinking our wine, nope that has to be reserved for the backyard kegger, summer time ice tea, lemonade and whatever crazy punch was served at the last Christmas Party.

A lot of the glass shape has to do with how the glass focuses the aromas for your olfactory senses to begin the tasting process.  Yes, 80% of taste is actually your sense of smell.  If you can’t smell the wine you might as well be drinking a cheap $2 wine from the red solo cup.

We use 2 or 3 different wine glass shapes at the winery and we can demonstrate the differences to you should you want the next time you’re visiting.

We are open Fri-Sun, evening meals on Friday and Saturday, lunch on Sunday.  We are still looking for a full-time cook/chef so if you know someone with experience and passion in the area have them call us for a chat and possible job.  Lots of things we’d like to try with the right person at the stove. Don’t get me wrong, we love the two gals that cook for us now, but this is a 2nd job for them.

Anyway, I don’t think I have to personally concern myself with the medical conditions discussed last evening, but I sure did enjoy uncorking our two most popular red wines with some new friends. Perhaps you have group you’d like me to share with as well?  Give me a call, or drop me a note.

Cheers from the Barrel room