La Crescent

A popular American cold-hardy grape, with a fruit-forward flavor of apricots and stone fruits. Some say it’s reminiscent of the cereal with a toucan on the label. The fruit has high acidity, and is used to make our off-dry varietal wine La Crescent and our sweet wine Vacation. Look for a late-harvest wine in 2020.

Pronounced: Lah-Cress-Ant

Color: Moderate to deep gold

Aroma: Stone Fruits, Apricot, Floral

Tastes Like:

Wine Styles: Dry, Semi-Sweet, Sweet

Pairs with:

More Information Inquiring Minds Want To Know

Origin: A Cross between St. Pepin and ES 6-8-25, both selections from the breeding program of Elmer Swenson. It has a complex lineage in which the French hybrid ‘Seyval Blanc’ and V. Vinifera ‘Muscat Hamburg’ play a role.