Grape Varietals of Miletta Vista Winery

St Croix
La Crescent
Petite Pearl
Frontenac Gris
St Vincent


Nebraska’s signature white grape, an American cold-hardy hybrid grape which makes a crisp, light bodied white wine with rich green apple, granny smith apple and pear flavors. Miletta Vista Winery as won numerous awards nationwide with our Edelweiss wines, Including: Gold, Double Gold, Best of Class, and Best of Show white wine awards.

Origin: Osceola, Wisconsin. Developed by Elmer Swenson, P. Pierquet, C. Stushnoff. Released in 1978 by Elmer Swenson and the University of Minnesota.

Pronounced: A-Del-Vise

Color: Pale Straw

Aroma: Pineapple when picked – Green Apple in the glass

Tastes Like: Crisp Green Apple, Granny Smith Apples or Pears

Wine Styles: Dry, Semi-Sweet, Sweet, Sparkling

Pairs With:

La Crescent

A popular American cold-hardy grape, with a a fruit-forward flavor of apricots and stone fruits. Some say it’s reminiscent of the cereal with a toucan on the label. The fruit has a high acidity, and is used to make our off-dry varietal wine La Crescent and our sweet/dessert Vacation. Look for a late-harvest wine in 2020.

Origin: A cross between St. Pepin and ES 6-8-25, both selections from the breeding program of Elmer Swenson. It has a complex lineage in which the French hybrid ‘Seyval Blanc’ and V. vinifera ‘Muscat Hamurg’ play a role.

Pronounced: Lah-Cress-Ant

Color: Moderate to deep gold

Aroma: Stone Fruits, Apricots, Floral

Tastes Like: Crisp Green Apple, Granny Smith Apples or Pears

Wine Styles: Dry, Semi-Sweet, Sweet, Dessert

Pairs With: Blackened Fish with Mango Salsa

Brianna – A fruity white wine grape derived from Seyval and Saint-Pepin, but more cold hardy. Produced by Cornell University. Flavors of white grapefruit, grapefruit zest, citrus, and spice.

Pronounced:   Bree-Ah-Na
Color:               Pale Straw
Aroma:            Citrus, White Grape Fruit, Zest, Pear, Apricot, Muscat-Like
Tastes Like:     Passion Fruit, Star Fruit, Mango
Wine Styles:    Dry, Semi-Sweet
Pairs With:      Fried Zucchini flowers, Crumbed Chicken Milanesa, Creamy Curry with Prawn

LaCrosse – A fruity white wine grape derived from Seyval and Saint-Pepin. Flavors of white grapefruit, grapefruit zest, citrus and spice. Makes a nice dry white wine and is used as a blender in Cougarliscious and Seyval.

Pronounced:   Lah-Cross
Color:                Golden to Amber color
Aroma:             Pear, Apricot, slightly Muscat to citrus and floral
Tastes Like:       
Wine Styles:
Pairs With:       Macaroni & Cheese, Grilled Chicken with creamy sauce, BBQ Pork Ramen

The grapes also make a good seeded table grape for eating. It has the benefits of early ripening and when hardened properly in the fall it is winter hardy to at least -25º F. As such it is best suited to growing in more northern climates. LaCrosse was produced and patented by Elmer Swenson around 1970. It is a hybrid of Seyval crossed to a cross of Minnesota 78 by Seibel 1000 (aka Rosette). To clarify the parentage of LaCrosse:

Minnesota 78 is recorded as a cross of Beta By Witt, however many have disputed this pedigree based its characteristics, and Elmer Swenson speculated that the pollen