Nebraska’s signature white grape, an American cold-hardy hybrid grape which makes a crisp, light bodied white wine with rich green apple, granny smith apple and pear flavors. Miletta Vista Winery as won numerous awards nationwide with our Edelweiss wines, Including: Gold, Double Gold, Best of Class, and Best of Show white wine awards.

Pronounced: A-Del-Vise

Color: Pale Straw

Aroma: Pineapple when picked – Green Apple in the glass

Tastes Like: Crisp Green Apple, Granny Smith Apples or Pears

Wine Styles: Dry, Semi-Sweet, Sweet, Sparkling

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Origin: Osceola, Wisconsin. Developed by Elmer Swenson, P. Pierquet, C. Stushnoff. Released in 1978 by Elmer Swenson and the University of Minnesota.