Established in 2007, young in winery years, especially when you compare it to wineries in France or California, but you’ll find that great wines are being produced in Nebraska. That’s not brag, just fact when you read the words of world renowned wine critics Linda Murphy, Christopher Sawyer, Dan Dunn and Clark Smith. All have written about their experience with the wines produced by this up and coming winery in the heart of Nebraska.

Miletta Vista’s history can be described as (BF) before fire and (AF) after fire. The original winery was completely destroyed by fire June 23, 2012. What could have been a tragic end – turned into a “New Beginning.”

In February 2012 Miletta Vista Winery won Best of Show White wine at the Flordia International with their Edelweiss (a world class dessert wine with vibrant apple tones). In April 2012 Miletta Vista’s Dry Brianna (crisp tropical tones) was named Best of Show White wine at the U.S. National, in Sonoma CA. By 6:00 a.m. June 23rd 2012 the fire was out and could have been the end to a brilliant beginning, but the resilience of the owners refused to allow the dream to die and the rebuild was completed just 345 days later.

The restaurant /tasting room doubled its space and the winery sported a new layout and a 35% increase in floor space, with state of the art fermentation floor. The 2014 grapes came in and their harvest signaled the beginning of another great vintage. The 2013 vintage was awarded three (3) double golds in Florida February 2014 and the Jefferson Cup Invitational awarded it’s highest honor to Miletta Vista’s 2014 Dry Brianna to become Nebraska’s most awarded dry white wine.

In 2016 the owners hired an Executive Chef to offer patrons food that would compliment both the wine and the 360º vista that surrounds this hill top experience that every wine lover should enjoy.