The Wild Horse Cocktail

Warm days, and warmer than bone chilling nights, on top of 10” of snow has given us some very foggy nights to drive in and still at 10 a.m. this morning we have perhaps ½ mile visibility here atop of Mount Miletta.  I drove through that same soup on my return trip from the 2i conference in West Point, Nebraska last evening, after making a “presentation” (code for providing wine to drink wine during a presentation) to the ladies breakout session.  The 2i conference is an every-other year event for customers of Nutrient Advisors – Summit Ag Insurance and The Agronomic Consulting Group.  Co-owner Mark Wooldrik and wife Michelle were members of LEAD XXII with Loretta and myself.  They have been kind enough to have me present to the Ladies break-out session for the last 7-2i events. 

Yesterday, I introduced the group to a new wine cocktail Loretta created using our ever popular “Workhorse” wine. I’ve dubbed the drink, “The Wild Horse Cocktail”.  Not that it’s an alcohol hot cocktail, but rather a play on its name. It is extremely tasty and promises to be a hit at your next party!

Start with 8 oz of our Workhorse wine, (a proprietary blend of 4 grapes-sweet by not too sweet) add 4 oz. cranberry juice, 2 oz. Amaretto, serve over ice.  I know several of the gals @ the 2i breakout session want to know where they could get Workhorse, to wit, I said it’s sold locally at Graybills Grocery. Thus, if you live around the West Point area and go to a party where the 2i staff of any of the sponsors above, make sure to ask them for, “The Wild Horse Cocktail”.

Our fruit forward cold climate wines can generally be easily made into cocktail drinks when combined with the right combination of drink-ology ingredients and we’ll do our best to introduce some of those to you over the next few months. 

Perhaps you’ve already found a recipe that you love, if not, don’t be afraid to try your own combinations and share you favorites with us.  If we like your suggestion and share it with our customers, you can receive a couple bottles of that wine for mixing some more. Just send your favorite combinations to Our staff will have to try them at our monthly staff event to choose the best, (tough duty).

I think that most of the West Point, NE ladies were astonished to know that our Miletta Vista Wines are sold at nearly 140 locations across Nebraska from McCook to West Point and Valentine to Hebron, and everywhere in-between.   If your local sales point isn’t yet carrying our wines, just ask them and they can call us to setup an account for them and our delivery person will stop by.

Winter pruning has begun and since Casey does the majority of this, plus delivers our wines to those wholesale accounts statewide, so he didn’t get started in December when the weather was much nicer.  I talked to a neighbor who hired that pruning done in December and is 90% there. Winter pruning, if dressed appropriately, it’s not bad on nicer days, but does get sloppy once the snow melts. Could always hire someone with the desire to learn, if you live in the area give Mick a call about this season work.

Until next time, bubble on!