Hot-Hot-Hot, Hot Chocolate!

As I was searching the music animation sequence list for our new animated Christmas lights on the patio (my latest idea I call Dinner & a Show), I came across a song Tom Hanks sang in the movie, “Polar Express” entitled “Hot Chocolate.” Now, I can’t recall that I’ve watched the entire movie, but when I think about hot chocolate this time of year, I also think about spiking it with a couple shots of our Port wine.

Our first port wine went well with hot chocolate, but our 2016 vintage of LEGACY, spent the last 8 years in oak barrels with heavily toasted French heads, and this wine has emerged-carrying rich flavors of dark roasted coffee, dark chocolate, caramel, expresso bean, and oh yes . . . it is smooth. A sweet barrel aged wine, fortified to 20% alcohol. I have to say, this tawny style port, goes extremely well mixed in with “adult” hot chocolate. Refreshing, after a cold winter activity.

The 2016 vintage, was released December 8, 2023. We had it’s coming out party as part of our Wine Club, (affectionately titled our “Book Club”, because we all knows Book Club is code for getting together to drink wine). I have to say the wait was worth it. Dawned with holiday sweaters of all shapes, colors and design, dare I say this event was quite entertaining and appreciated by those in attendance. Anyway, 2-shots of LEAGACY added to Hot Chocolate, makes a wonderful “adult”, Christmas/winter drink, but then, by itself LEGACY aint bad either!

Club members were given the opportunity to hot wax dip bottle tops they wanted to purchase, which proved a great success and a lot of fun for everyone.

If I can get into the weeds a little bit, LEGACY, is 100% fortified Frontenac wine, barrel aged w/heavy toasted barrel heads. For those that don’t know by now, Frontenac is an extremely versatile cold climate grape that make 4 different styles of pretty darn good wine(s) and is the primary grape in our ever popular sweet red, Workhorse wine. Frontenac, ages well for this port and hopefully it will compete well in the coming months