Heritage Room

With a view overlooking the river valley the Heritage Room is the perfect size room for your bridal shower, baby shower, and private party needs. This room will accommodate approximately 30 people

Heritage Room Rental: $40/hr. with a two-hour minimum.


Weddings at Miletta Vista Winery are held on Saturday mornings at 10:00am. This allows you to have a private ceremony with your guests.

Wedding Ceremony: $500

The cost of the ceremony includes 1-½ hours for the ceremony, wine toast, and pictures taking. Wine will be served in half glass portions to all guests over the age of 21, with soft drinks, ice tea, or water provided for those not drinking wine.

Wedding Reception:

Our Heritage Room is available to rent for wedding receptions. This private room will accommodate approximately 30 people. With our kitchen staff we also offer many options for food as well.


Miletta Vista Winery hosts many meetings throughout the year. Our Heritage Room is available for rent and offers seating for approximately 30 people. Depending on availability our main room offers seating for approximately 60 people.

We offer many additional options for your party, wedding, or meeting needs. For more details and information please contact the winery at (308) 754-4416