On March 21, 2023, Loretta’s cousin wrote, “Yesterday, winter handed the baton to spring; and spring promptly turned and sprinted back toward winter”!  That’s how it spring felt, as we finish the last days for March and first 10 days of April.  Winter just wants to hang on, and that’s alright with the grape vines, as we finish the last of our winter vineyard pruning. 

Big temperature swings are what bring on sap flow that freezes in the trunk when our nights return to the 20’s.  The sap in the trunk freezes and death requires starting the plant anew from the roots.  So a few more days of colder winter like days is okay with this Nebraska vineyard owner.  Some day’s the wind and weather is rather raw and coming inside to warm those rosy cheeks at the end for the day might require a hot chocolate with a shot or two of Heritage Port to warm up again. 

Fortunately for me, Casey has been doing the majority of the pruning, as I finish winter paper work, search for a new chef, work on filtering the 2022 vintage wines and planning the years event calendar.  However, this week I made the effort to apply some fertilizer to supplement plant needs.  A few days earlier would have used the 7 inches of snow from March 27th to soak it into the top few inches.

Looking forward to the additional plant health, vine growth and stronger vines for another rich vintage.

Ideally a chef with good knife skills, who enjoys prep work during days we are not open to the public which gives you time at night at home; someone with good plate presentation and who enjoys preparing cuisine from different Mediterranean, south and central American countries. Someone who enjoys serving great seafood that satisfies a wide variety of flavors.