Easter’s Eve was another beautiful day. 

On the precipice of spring, today was a wonderful day throughout much of the mid-west, and 4 miles north of St. Paul, Nebraska, on mount Miletta was no exception. 

Temperatures were in the 70’s and even though social distancing is the new norm; we live close to the grand kids and see them regularly as their dad does work here with us.

Loretta put together a great Easter Egg hunt for the grand kids, both inside the winery and outside in the shady spots, so-as not to melt the chocolates hidden inside those plastic eggs.  Twenty-four eggs for each grand kid were found, offering some semblance of normalcy. The major egg was complete with eyes and a protective mask.

Tradition typically, sees us hosting an adult Easter Egg hunt, which starts with us hiding tens of hundreds of plastic eggs throughout our vineyard for patrons to find between glasses of wine.  Their generally here as they ready themselves for the celebration of the Risen Savor.  You know, “Up From The Grave He Arose” and I’m not saying this sarcastically, being a believer myself.

Typically, on Easter morning, Loretta and I host a sunrise service on the hill south of the tasting room.  Accompanied by a bonfire (wind permitting) where I pile part of the grapevine pruning’s from the south vineyard.  I make a modest sized pile of grape vines, which generally burns easily in an hour’s time, but the cracking fire provides some light and warmth for those who gather to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ some 2,100 years ago, mankind’s redemption.

There’s another reason for the fire.  I remember stories of a day not too many beyond the resurrection, where there was a fire on a beach, where the Jesus disciples were called to come, warm themselves and enjoy a meal with Him after a fruitless night of fishing.  Well Almost fruitless.  You see Christ called to the disciples as they approached shore, to cast once more, after a night of endless empty casts of their nets. 

Obediently, with that cast, the disciples net was filled to the bursting point.  Reminding believers that only through acts of faith are we truly blessed beyond measure.

How inviting, the call of that fire on the shore must have been to the disciples.  They’d spent a long unfruitful and chilly night on the waters of Galilee and likely yearned for the renewing warmth of a fire; and the nourishment of a hot meal.

For those of us who have gathered around a camp fire, we know there is something therapeutic about it’s warmth, the crackle and pops as it burns and might I say the comfort it offers.

So I enjoy, if at all possible, adding this glimmering element to our sunrise experience, with the hopes that the environment surrounding might offer a honk from a few nearby geese resting on a pond; and/or  the call of a prairie western meadowlark, who is awaken by the coming sunrise; and/or a gobble or two as the rising sun brightens the morning skies and a the turkeys nearby, ready to leave their roost. 

Perhaps none of these described sounds were present at Christs resurrection, but for each of us, these special sunrise awakenings provide a contact with the creator and assists our embrace rising of the Son and the awaking of faith.

Of course, thereafter, many of us participate in celebratory feasts that follow sunrise Easter services, with family gatherings large or small and hopefully a glass filled with the fruit of the vine. If we accept God’s provision for all our raunchiness (sin) by admitting Jesus’ sacrificial giving was done for us, we can rest assured God will carry you through all time Deut 31:6; Heb 13:5

Thank You everyone who has supported Miletta Vista through the years.  We pray that you have a Blessed Resurrection celebration this Easter Sunday and each and every day that follows.

He Has Risen!

He Has Risen Indeed!