Pick Me Squeeze Me

Join us to experience how we harvest and process our wine grapes. The day will start early at 7:00am as the harvester gets set up to go into the vineyard to pick. You will have a chance to watch as it makes it way through the vineyard and harvests the grapes. After all of the grapes are harvested you will have the opportunity to watch and participate as we process the grapes through our destemmer/crusher and into our press where we extract all of the juice. You will get to sample the raw juice as it flows into the tray before we transfer it into our wine making tanks. After processing the grapes you will have a chance to sit down for lunch with our winemaker and recap your experience.

Whats Included:

  • Watch the harvester go through the vineyard
  • Experience what it takes to process the grapes once they are harvested
  • Sample juice straight from the grape press
  • enjoy lunch with the winemaker
  • Limit of 10 people per harvest day

With grapes we monitor their ripeness on a daily basis to tell when they will be ready to harvest. We pick each varietal at a specific level of Brix so mother nature determines our harvest days. If you would like to join us you will need to be flexible on days to attend. We will stay in touch with you on when harvest will take place. We will have a limit of 10 people per harvest day.

When you purchase your ticket please indicate which week(s) work best for you so we can coordinate with you.

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Miletta Vista Winery



Available seating

Limit of 10 people per day


$50 per person