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Murder Mystery Dinner

– The Duchess is the finest little ship to sail the seas.  As the travelers and crew prepare to depart, no one would expect a murderer to be among them.  When Dr. Grover Cadigan goes overboard, it’s up to James Bumble, the clumsy deckhand to figure out who did it.

Was it the mean spirited first mate Mr. Tibbons or the always calm Captain Cooper?  It couldn’t have been the demanding rich lady or her overworked butler.  How about the reporter running from her mistakes?  Maybe it was the newlywed couple or the beautiful lounge singer. 

Four nights of Murder Mystery and Wine.

6:30 – 9:00 each night

$50 per person

( Includes salad, entrée, dessert )

Ribeye steaks will be cooked to temp of Medium Rare

As per our tradition and popular approval, Theater Actors are picked from the crowd for each performance (not mandatory if asked). Theme Costumes are highly encouraged for all dinner guests!


Captain Cooper:           Calm captain of the ship who takes her job seriously

James Bumble:             Sailor- clumsy and lovable

Chris Tibbons:              First mate with an attitude problem; wants to be the captain

Dr. Grover Cadigan:     eccentric, very nervous professor who claims to be an alchemist

Gentry:                           Madam Bayouhou’s faithful manservant, has a horrible, identifiable accent

Daniel Reed:                young newlywed with a huge sense of adventure

Mary Ann Reed:          young newlywed who is sweet, quite and very loyal

Samantha Peters:        bold, outspoken newspaper reporter

Mandy Starr:                 confident and beautiful lounge singer on the ship, never actua

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March 25, 2023


Miletta Vista Winery


6:30 - 9:00

Available seating

Tickets Required
Sold out