Struck by White Lightin’
November 17th
6:30 – 9:00pm
$50 per person
Special night with Troupe Actors
The Possumbottom clan is preparin’ fer the return of Billy Joe Bob after he done went to the Big City five years ago to seek his fortune. Now, according to hillbilly tradition, he’s bringin’ his city-bred fiancee’, Crystal, back home to be married. The only problem is that the Possumbottoms don’t want Crystal to find out about the “family business”.  They own one of the biggest and best white lightnin’ still operations in the whole hillbilly valley.
It’s not that they’re ashamed of it….it’s just that it’s highly illegal!
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Cast – Costumes highly encouraged!
Billy Joe Bob Possumbottom: Eldest son (dressed in a suit but has long johns underneath it)
Crystal Vaase: Big city socialite (dressed in expensive clothes)
Loda Hotaire: Wedding planner (dressed in expensive clothes)
Preacher Leacher: Preacher/undercover Federal Marshall (dressed in old time long tailed suit coat, hat. Carries a pretend Bible with his badge in it)
Pa Possumbottom: Patriarch of the clan (overalls, straw hat, long john shirt)
Ma Possumbottom: Matriarch of the clan (old lady dress, grey hair, apron)
Bobby Jim Bob Possumbottom: Identical twin to Billy Joe Bob (overalls, hat long john shirt)
Sadie Mae Schmidthouse: Daughter of neighbor clan (flirtatious top/skirt and is barefoot)
Bertha Jane Possumbottom: Youngest daughter (is a bit challenged. Overalls, crazy hair)

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November 17, 2018


Miletta Vista Winery


6:30 - 9:00pm

Available seating

Limited - Prepaid Reservation Required