LorettaAs any small business owner, Loretta wears many hats at Miletta Vista Winery: tasting room manager, kitchen manager, gift shop manager and vineyard pruner when she wants to get outside for a while.

Loretta learned about business practices by attending the Grand Island School of Business.  After graduating from GISB, she moved to Boulder Colorado and worked for AMF Head Manufacturing.   In the early 1980’s she moved back to St. Paul, Nebraska with two young children and began a 31 year career working at the Howard County Courthouse.

Loretta worked as clerk in the Howard County Assessor’s office until 1987 when the newly elected County Treasurer (Connie) asked Loretta to serve as Deputy Treasurer.  Connie retired in 2010 and Loretta ran for and was elected the Howard County Treasurer.   The stability of the Treasurers job served Loretta and her husband Mick well during their recovery after the loss of their winery in a June 23, 2012 fire.

Growing up on a farm not far from the winery taught Loretta many life lessons including the importance of hard work and integrity.  Her parents, milked a few cows by hand, separated the milk and cream and the sisters got to be a part of it. She fondly remembers her parents assigning the duty of cleaning the cream separator to the three girls of the family which came at the end of the day milking.   “Cows don’t wait to be milked, they must be milked twice a day whether you feel like it or not, that was just something you learned. It was all part of the adventure of growing up on our farm.”

Loretta’s appreciation for the rural setting found by guests at Miletta Vista is something that is engrained in nearly every farm kid.  Yet, “I’ve learned that everyone appreciates a great view and a good rural setting such as the one found atMiletta Vista.  It’s a refreshing atmosphere.” She continues, “I’m just fortunate enough to live it every day.”

Hobbies she enjoys are gardening, painting, baking, scrapbooking and the creativity of design.

Miletta Vista provides visitors a unique opportunity to experience a restful atmosphere and the opportunity to enjoy nature’s beauty as well as some exceptional food and wine.  Loretta says that she is “truly rewarded in knowing that the Miletta Vista Winery experience provides guests with moments they can cherish for a life-time.”